GIIKA Sport Village is the top sport and exercise facility in Mashhad and will meet the needs of children in different fields. Designed with the most advance methods, the village consists of two Major parts:
1) cultural and educational complex, and
2) sport complex.

The Cultural and Educational Complex

It is a place for GIIKA children as well as other abandoned, marginalized, and orphan children in Iran. It was first started to build in 2013 in an area of 1800 square meter, with a three floor building and 18 classrooms. It covers all educational needs of children, such as dormitory, restaurant, laboratory, research center, workshops, IT center and cinema.

Sport Complex

In an area of 17600 square meter, the sport complex first started to build in 2014, with a four floor building. The sport complex is going to provide sport and leisure activities for children. There will be also many different sport facilities for children, such as a multi-purpose sport hall for volleyball, basketball, futsal, and handball and a multi-purpose saloon for other activities, such as wrestling, ping pong, squash, shooting, and martial arts.

At the present time only 30% of the village has been completed. So, your level of involvement in this project will influence the build cost and can provide an opportunity for children to develop positive character traits and to soak up many quality values.

There is no doubt that your donation is making a great impact and through sports they will become honest and reliable adults who will try to help other in need at any moment.

The same as you.

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