Social Health Plan

The institute, with successful implementation of its duties in the field of keeping children and informing and attracting social contributions, has been able to make an effective distinction in the field of social exclusion through the formulation and implementation of a Social Health Plan.

Social Health Plan:

Through the successful formulation and implementation of the Social Health Plan, and in parallel with our mission in the field of child protection, informing the public and attracting social contributions, GIIKA has been able to make distinct actions to tackle social harm. The Social Health Plan offers a deep, and multi-dimensional perspective of the issue of poverty and by examining the factors involved in creating poverty in the Iranian society, tries to eliminate the root cause of poverty and to empower vulnerable families in the society.

GIIKA believes that “poverty” should never be the only justification for the removal of a child from parental care, for receiving a child into alternative care. It should be seen as a signal for the need to provide appropriate support to the family. GIIKA have started to protect children inside their families.

Doing a successful research project, GIIKA has obtained a viable image of the facts of the lives of children and young people in poor and low-income families and with regard to the identification of families, tries to attract popular and social contributions, as well as social organizations and NGOs.

Social Work

Providing operational and executive solutions to address the educational needs, tackling the education shortfalls and social and pedagogical problems of the upbringing of orphans, dealing with child abandonment and social victimization, child labor, poverty and addiction are our most important activities in this plan.


Early childhood education has a vital role in constructing a sustainable society and promotes a child’s mental and psychological growth. Emphasis is placed on excellence in areas of studies and academic performance. Your support is invested in helping children complete school and university using a wide range of tools: fees, uniform, supplies, tutoring and scholarships.


We have a wide range of education programs:

– Nature Schools
– Recreational Camps
– Tournament of books
– Music Classes
– Creative Thinking Games: it develops children’s ability to think creatively and have flexibility in thought and expands their ideas using innovation and magination.
– Drawing lessons and crafts for kids
– Drama Exercises and Acting Games
– Home Work Support


Works in close collaboration with Social Health Plan. We run direct individual therapy sessions. We provide support groups for children who are experiencing difficulties. We are committed to improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people.

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