About us

GIIKA as a registered foundation/charity (900/92/99137) and a nongovernmental organization founded by Mr. Hamid Rezazade in 2004 and has been at the forefront of the development of the children protection system and the improvement of the quality of life of impoverished, orphan, disadvantaged, deprived and vulnerable children in Mashhad/Iran. In the center of all our activities is the quality of childhood so we promote peace, prosperity and support of children and young people. We are aiming to better impact our work for the benefit of all children in Iran.

GIIKA first started its mission with one day and night housing and care for at-risk and disadvantaged children. It expanded over the following decade to be a prominent children’s charity operating 10 centers within Mashhad, Khorasan Province. At present the charity is running 8 houses for little kids, 2 student dormitories for boys and girls, and a kindergarten. 200 Children is living now in these dormitories and houses.

GIIKA provides a range of services to children, including counselling, hot meals and drop-in-centers, and assistance with healthcare. The institution established to provide care, guidance, support and protection to children, the boys and girls, and also children who in some cases were not being looked after by their parents because of poverty.


GIIKA tries to invest in family-based care and support families so that they can look after their children. One of the GIIKA improvements has been keeping children inside families. When children grow up inside their families, they are more likely to contribute to their communities and to their country’s development. At the moment about 250 families has been supported by the organization.
It receives significant donations from businesses as well as Iranian celebrities such as Adel Ferdosipour, Mahnaz Afshar, Arash Moayerian, Daei, The charity is also heavily dependent on public funding. It receives no grants from the government.

our vision

Our vision is to extend programs for children to facilitate training and education, good nutrition, counseling, healthcare, income generating activities, and also to transform the lives of disadvantaged children and their families where each individual can live up to their full potential.
To bring that vision into reality we provide vital support, education, love and personal monitoring. Teenagers, during their precarious transition into adulthood, receive life skills coaching and assistance. We provide a full array of community-based protective and supportive services and work in partnership with the State Welfare Organization of Iran and other philanthropic organizations nationwide.

our mission

GIIKA provides and builds support for vulnerable, disadvantaged and at-risk children to become positive and contributing members of society and to regain control over their lives.

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